Here they are!

Here are the paperback versions of the first three Betony books – and the new one, Princess Betony and the Hobgoblin.

Aren’t they beautiful? I was saying to my husband today that I think the Hobgoblin story may be the best so far.

It’s always tremendously exciting to receive the advance copy of a new book. There’s nothing like holding it in your hands and knowing that it’s real – at last! This is particularly true of illustrated books, where there can be a long time between writing the book and receiving the printed copy.

So today I did my happy dance, opened the parcel up right there in the post office and showed them around. People were very nice and encouraging and not one person suggested I might be a little odd!

All four of these are out in July.



2 thoughts on “Here they are!

  1. I’m so disappointed that the Princess Betony and the Hobgoblin book is not in a matching hardcover edition. My daughter loves books and treasures her hardcovers of Princess Betony – to not have the best story in a matching edition is a crime…

  2. I was disappointed too. The reason they changed is that libraries weren’t buying the little hardbacks, because they couldn’t shelve them… I’m so glad your daughter enjoys the stories!

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